Espresso coffee beans

Espresso coffee beans

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Baked Baked Berries with

This blend is made with coffees from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia and we have succeeded in producing an exceptionally balanced coffee that results in a superb espresso that you can enjoy on its own or with steamed milk (or a dairy substitute) for a richer and creamier beverage.

Our Espresso blend is the result of an average roast of 20 on the Roast Scale and 79 on the Agtron Gourmet Scale established by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).


  • A full-bodied coffee, with notes of baked berries and cocoa.
  • Species: 100% Arabica (Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia)
  • Process: multiple
  • Certification: multiple
  • Roast level: 79 on Agtron Gourmet, average roast of 20
  • Recommendations: espresso, immersion

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